What The Activists Did Next

Following on from the hugely successful Bi Activists Gathering in Milton Keynes in January, the bi activists gathering moves to Birmingham on 24& 25 April.  It will be a weekend of discussion, workshops, planning and feeding back for bi activists and those that would like to be.

On the Saturday, we have kindly been given the use of the 146 drop-in Centre in central Birmingham, free of charge by Healthy Gay Life, the project that owns it. The day will begin at 10:30 to give time for people to arrive and tea to be made before things start in earnest at 11. We’ll aim to be winding up by about 7pm.

On the Sunday we have no venue booked at present. However, there are plenty of gay bars around the area of the 146 centre and the plan at present is to select a suitable one and continue where we left off the day before. Before the weekend, this plan may change as a more definite venue becomes apparent. If this is the case that information will be uploaded to the event website, www.birminghambiwomen.org.uk/activist/

With the present plan, the day will begin at 11-12 on the Sunday and will probably run until mid-afternoon to allow people plenty of time to travel home.

For those people who wish to attend for one day only, the Saturday would be the better of the two days to choose. We have a definite venue, more time available and we will aim to cover the bulk of the agenda on this day.

There is no overnight accommodation available at the 146 Centre, but there is a Formule 1 Hotel about 20-30 minutes walk away. This costs £20 for a room for three people per night and breakfast is available at an additional £2.50 per person. More details can be found on the web page.

There will be an approximate agenda developed in the weeks leading up to the weekend, but the timetable will be kept reasonably fluid.

There is an online email list that was set up before the last weekend to allow for discussion, planning, and for offering lifts etc. This group still exists and will be used in the same way for this weekend. If you’d like to join the group, visit http://group.yahoo.com/group/biweekendlist/



This originally appeared in BCN issue 66, March/April 2004.