Celebrating Bi Reporting Across The Pond


The USA’s National Lesbian & Gay Journalism Awards have for the first time recognised reporting on bisexual issues with the 2016 awards announced yesterday.  The first award for bi journalism went to Colin Murphy for “Vincent Price’s Daughter Confirms Father’s Bisexuality,” published on online LGBT news site #Boom.

“NLGJA saw unprecedented growth in nominations for the Excellence in Journalism awards during our 25th Anniversary last year,” said NLGJA Awards Chair April Hunt. “This year, we expanded the categories to more than double last year’s offerings, continuing to award small and mid-sized publications, and saw exponential growth in nominated work.”

The 2016 NLGJA Journalist of the Year is Dominic Holden, National LGBT Reporter for BuzzFeed. “Holden presents a really strong mix of thoughtful trans stories, a good take on familiar subject matter, some really strong characters and good depth,” wrote one judge. Holden additionally took second place in Newswriting (Non-daily) for Why Are Black Transgender Women Getting Killed in Detroit?

This year’s Sarah Pettit LGBT Journalist of the Year Award goes to Lucas Grindley, Senior Vice President and Editorial Director for Here Media. “Impressive work,” one judge praised. “Grindley has smart and thoughtful treatment of chosen topics.”

Without a bi category last year there had nonetheless been an honourable mention in the Blogging category for second placed nominee, Faith Cheltenham’s article “Bisexuals at the Gates,” published on Bilerico.com.