Big Bi Tweet hits 1.3 million

This year’s big bi tweet for Bi Visibility Day had a social reach of over a million.  The two tweets, timed for breakfast time in the UK and afternoon in the UK / mid-morning in the USA and Canada.

Leeds Bi Group reported that the UK/EU tweet was the second highest trending thing on twitter on Friday morning, while BiNetUSA found later in the day that Bi Visibility Day was trending third in the US.

The UK tweet reached 1.13 million people, while the later one had a social reach score of 259,000.

The mass tweet project helps to raise the profile of the day and is an easy way for people and organisations to show their support, especially people in isolated areas who can’t attend any events for Bi Visibility Day celebrations.

Last year’s two big tweets totalled around 750,000 so 2016 nearly doubled last year’s impact.

A third tweet this year, which was timed for New Zealand and Australia, failed to reach the minimum 100 signups needed to go ahead.