Complaints Prompt Ofcom Action on Biggins

Broadcasting regulator OFCOM have announced they are investigating Christopher Biggins’ biphobic comments on Celebrity Big Brother following viewer complaints.

Some 20 complaints were recorded by the regulator about his comments made nearly two months ago.

Biggins had declared that bisexuals ought to “pick a team” and “the worst type” of people; explaining bisexuality as, “what it is, is people not wanting to admit they are gay”.

Within days he was expelled from the Celebrity Big Brother house, in a marked contrast with the response to his last similar remarks on a public platform which went unchallenged. Some bi activists have seen the shift in public response as a positive sign that while biphobia is still ubiquitous, it is being taken more seriously.

Biggins also repeated the notion that bisexual men were responsible for the spread of HIV – a slur from the 1980s AIDS crisis whose echoes are still heard in problem pages today with notions of bi men as the main vector for spreading sexual infections and a dangerous choice of partner.

On being expelled from the Channel 5 show, he said he was sorry and sad, though it became clear this was at being called out on his prejudices rather than at realising what he had said.