London consults on LGBT mental health

The London Assembly Health Committee is investigating mental health and inequalities in a series of meetings, focusing on different marginalised groups, including LGBT people.

Given research showing how bisexual people experience greater mental health challenges and more problems accessing support than gay and lesbian people, we hope there will be ample bi input to the review.

The Committee note that:

  • One in four Londoners will experience a diagnosable mental health issue in any given year.
  • Mental ill health has a similar effect on life expectancy as smoking – people with mental problems live on average 20 years less than people without.
  • It is a major public health concern for London and costs the London economy an estimated £26 billion annually.

Further that LGBT people are less likely to get support from mental health services than heterosexual cisgender people. This leads to a focus on five questions:

  • What are the specific mental health issues faced by LGBT people?
  • What services are currently available, which meet the needs of LGBT people?
  • How effective are the needs of LGBT people incorporated into mental health service commissioning?
  • What are the barriers to LGBT people accessing services?
  • How can the Mayor support better mental health for LGBT people?

The Committee is hosting a roundtable event on Tuesday 25 October 2016 as part of its investigation.

The Committee would like to invite anyone with an interest in LGBT mental health including healthcare professionals, local government, public workers, service providers and users, those in the third sector, commissioners, GPs, health advocates and anyone with lived experience of LGBT mental health issues.

Speaking at the event will be representatives from Mind, METRO, Public Health England, CliniQ and South Bank University.

To register your interest please e-mail:

The consultation runs until 10th October and you can find out more about having your say here.