Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to return in October

TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back for another season and we’re delighted to hear it’s just over a month away, with the first episode airing in the UK on October 23rd and weekly installments thereafter.

The second season will be 13 episodes long, down from the 18 of the first series.

The CW network hit, which in the UK is only on Netflix, won our hearts at BCN early on with its spiky comedy songs. Think of Glee, add a little more feminist edge and lose the high-school setting.

The programme then leapt to greater bi prominence when Daryl came out as bisexual with his cracking song Getting Bi:

We’ve seen queerbaiting from TV shows before but this time not only was the bi plot a natural and integral part of the programme, the cast went the extra mile bringing a bi float to their local Pride festival this summer.

After the first season, lead actress and show creator Rachel Bloom won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical. She also took Best Actress in a Comedy at the Critics Choice Awards Individual Achievement in Comedy at the Television Critics Association Awards. And in July, the series was shortlisted for four Emmy Awards.

After the plot twist at the end of season one, we’re going to start watching with the question: who’s the crazy ex-girlfriend now? We really shouldn’t spoiler much more to persuade you to watch it. Go on, it’ll be October and the weather will have turned even chillier, you could use some time on the sofa.

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