December 5th is marked each year as International Volunteer Day – since it was declared such by the United Nations in 1985.

It’s a day to celebrate volunteers and volunteer-driven organisations, and the role of each in wider society. Which is quite appropriate for us given almost all bi organisations are run for the good of wider (bi) society rather than with the people involved making money out of it.

BCN magazine ran a feature a while ago with lots of ideas of ways you can get involved in bi volunteeringwhether you have ten minutes to spare just now, a day every week, or anything in between.

More than 15m people volunteer in the UK every month – and 21 million people volunteer at least once a year, which contributes an estimated £23.9bn to the UK economy. Behind these big numbers is a big contribution.

Bi organisations might like to use the date to showcase the range of volunteering opportunities available as well as celebrating their existing volunteers. There’s huge range of ways people can help bi projects but sometimes people aren’t aware of them or they have a particular perception of what volunteering is about: that they aren’t skilled enough or important enough to make a difference.

How can we use Volunteer Day to challenge these perceptions?