The USA Goes To The Polls

It’s election day in the United States today after what has felt like an even longer campaign than usual (and not just because this time polling day is the latest in the year it can legally be held).

The final polls show Democrat party candidate for President Hilary Clinton a few points ahead of Republican Donald Trump – but then, the final polls for the Brexit referendum suggested the UK was not on the brink of a year of argument about when and whether to set about invoking Article 50. Talk a month ago of a Democrat walkover with an 8 or 10% margin of victory has ebbed away.

At BCN we tend not to endorse particular teams in elections: politicians of just about every stripe here in the UK have been good or bad on LGBT+ issues (though we would struggle to name someone in the good column from a few, and there are definite tendencies for some parties to be better or worse on the whole).

The US Presidency though is a more clear-cut choice, with Clinton promising to keep up the momentum of the LGBT rights gains of the past eight years and Trump – despite once waving a rainbow flag upside down to claim widespread support from the gay community – promising to legislate to do trans people harm, endorse “gay cure” therapy and allow widespread opt-outs from LGBT equality legislation. In the interests of moving the USA forward to being a country where bisexual people and many others are treated as equal human citizens, here’s hoping the last-minute swing back to the blues holds out.