BiWatch: April 2000

Secret love letters of Bisexual screen idol revealed

Love letters from Bisexual Screen icon Greta Garbo to Playwright and Poet Mercedes de Acosta, are to be displayed by the Rosenbach Museum in Philedelphia. Da Acosta donated the letters to the museum on the condition that the letters wouldn’t be read by anyone until ten years after the death of both women. De Acosta died in 1968 while Greta Garbo died in 1990.

Bad Boy Burt Bi

According to recently released FBI files, Burt Lancaster was spotted at gay parties during his first marriage and attended a gay orgy which was raided by Police and the Military as participants included an Admiral and 200 marines. Burt was under surveillance as he was viewed to have liberal leanings.

Jolie good show

Bisexual Angelina Jolie won the best supporting actress oscar for her part in the film Girl, interupted, while Hilary Swank won best actress award for portrayal of murdered trans man Teena Brandon in the Film Boys don’t Cry.

The Actress, the Admiralty and the Eton Rifles

Official papers recently released, indicate that the Bisexual Screen star Tallulah Bankhead seduced up to half a dozen Eton School boys. The home Office sent William Bridgeman first Lord of the admiralty to Eton to investigate the rumour, with the intention of expelling Ms Bankhead from the country. However the investigation was scuppered by the then school headmaster Dr C Allington. An MI5 informant described Bankhead as “ both a Lesbian and immoral with men.”


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