London’s Pride 2002

This year’s London LGBT Pride march (or “parade” as it has been re-dubbed) will be held on Saturday 6th July.  

A circular from Jason Pollock to LGBT groups nationwide in May promised a more “spectacular and colourful” parade (i.e. less nasty politics and more pretty, slim and toned young things, please).  The march organisers promise that 2003 will be still more of a festival as they will be working directly with Westminster City Council rather than through the Metropolitan Police over the organisation of the parade.

They are offering 10 pairs of free tickets to the Mardi Gras festival for the ten best slogans submitted for banners to be used on the day, as well as limited free tickets to be given to those most elaborately dressed on the day.

The web site and official guide are also supposed to detail designated meeting places for specific groups and geographical areas (a kind move meaning that if your ex has left you behind in Edinburgh and moved off to Birmingham, you needn’t see her all day).  At the time of writing, that part of the web site hasn’t gone up though.

More information may be found at the website or by phone on 020 7354 1100.