The Bi Week: November into December

Make new bi-mates this week at bi meetups across the country! The internet is great but making bi friends and getting to talk about being bisexual and experiences of biphobia in person has a lot more impact for most people – and there are bi meets in different places around the UK every week to give you the chance.

It’s the end of November and start of a new month, and here’s what’s going on this week:

Monday in London it’s the Over 50s Bi Group at 6pm at AgeUK, Tavis House, Tavistock Square.

Thursday is World AIDS Day, with a host of events around the country and internationally, raising funds for support services and awareness of HIV & AIDS. More here.

Cardiff take their turn on Thursday, with their monthly talky space meeting at Quaker Meeting House, 43 Charles Street. Starts 6.30pm.

Then Saturday it’s Bi Coffee London at Leon’s, Spitalfields, from 3pm. Details here.

Also on Saturday in Glasgow it’s BiTastic!, a day-long bi event: think of it as a BiFest with a different label on the tin. There’s a day full of workshop and discussion spaces to look forwards to.


Never been to a bi group before?

For the coffee / pub type meetups – eg Tuesday’s in Manchester – try Hannah’s guide here.

For the talky space meetups – eg Edinburgh – there’s Jen’s guide here.

Know of a bi meet we’re missing? Drop us a line!