How B is my History Month?

It’s LGBT History Month in February and each year we face the question of how strong the B in that LGBT feels.

The first LGBT History Month in the UK had no bi-specific content, while the following years had one or two “B” events – usually in Manchester or Camden. 2009 was a low point with no specific events, though BiCon 2010 director Marcus Morgan appeared on a panel at an event in London. Not all have come from the ‘organised’ bi community, for example one in Rotherham in 2010 had a speaker from a nearby university social sciences department.

This year so far we only know of three events – a talk, a quiz night and a bi info outreach stall with a bi history twist – all of them in Manchester.

The events organised as the official thread of LGBT History Month through School’s OUT have gay, lesbian and trans focused talks but there doesn’t seem to be anything focusing on bisexual history.

But anyone can organise an extra event as part of LGBT History Month – and there’s still plenty of time to make one happen.

Tell us what else is going on!