Bristol: not enough for Bis or Lesbians

Bristol’s local LGBT radio show ShoutOUT are running their annual listeners’ awards this month.

But sadly the categories for best event for bisexual people and best event for lesbian women have both been dropped following the nominations round.

The awards website notes of each, “Sorry, this award has been cancelled due to a lack of nominations.”

It’s a great shame – unlike many LGBT awards over the past 20-odd years the ShoutOUTs (should that be the Shouties?) actively include the different strands in LGBT, so in theory there should be a definite bi winner.

Awards that do not do this tend to result in a narrow set of winners from popular gay (rather than LGBT) causes, marginalising the groups that are less well funded or more focused on their frontline work than raising their media profile.

The effect can be overcome through conscious and organised nominating – a few years ago a grassroots effort to get bi representation in the nominally LGBT Pink Paper awards saw BiPhoria and BiCon make shortlists in 2009 and 2010.

It’s not the first time the L and B categories have had to be dropped from the Shouties, as BiMedia reported in 2014. The organisers keep the categories in the nominations round which is a definite plus and keeps the door open to improvements in future.

Here’s hoping next year there is a spontaneous uprising of the voters.