Life’s A Beach: BiCon Ball Unveiled

BiCon 2017 in Leeds this summer will have a beachy seaside theme for its Saturday night ball theme it has been announced today.

And with a beach party theme the organisers are hoping that we do like to be bi-side the sea-side.

The Saturday themed ball has been an annual feature of the event since the 2003 and 2004 teams unveiled their respective plans in 2002 – once something’s happened at BiCon twice it tends to become a permanent feature.

The 2017 Ball reprises the 2004 theme, though with Leeds Upon Sea replacing Manchester Upon Sea as BiCon moves to a different city each year.

Ball themes are a popular excuse for dressing-up creatively amongst attendees but about two thirds of Ball-goers don’t dress for the theme so if swimsuits and beachballs are your idea of hell, there’ll still be plenty of room at the bar for you.

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