It’s LGBT History Month!

Welcome to February, and of course that means it’s LGBT History Month*. This year’s will commemorate 50 years since the passing of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act – the national festival is themed PSHE, Citizenship and Law.

The first LGBT History Month in the UK had no bi-specific content, while the following years had one or two “B” events – usually in Manchester or Camden. In contrast, there have been events marked by bi erasure in language and content, and which have airbrushed biphobia from the wider LGBT community.

But most of what happens for the month each year is a matter of people stepping up and making things happen in their area – so we can change LGBT History Month to make it bi inclusive and representative through our own action.

With events coming up in Manchester, York, Leeds, London and more, watch our listings week by week for what’s on – or see the national LGBT History Month listings page for every event going on for the month.

(And we know February is tomorrow, but the first bi event of the LGBT History season this year is in Manchester tonight!)


* in the UK. The USA marks it in October, a little confusingly.