Challenge ABC’s Biphobia

End The Bi Ban challenged Google - now challenge ABC!

A petition has garnered over 500 signatures so far (update 24 hours later: 1,000) challenging the American TV network ABC over biphobia on one of its television shows.

The petition’s message is: End Biphobia and Bi-erasure on The Real O’Neals.

Pictured: a previous petition campaign helped stop Google blocking bi results on instant search.

Sara Ramirez, former star of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, where she played Callie Torres, is a prominent signatory and sharer of the petition.

She tweeted: “Dear @ABCNetwork @TheRealONeals:own it, address it, clarify it, empower #Queer #Bisexual youth and community w/accurate positive reactions. And as someone who worked 4 them 4 10 years+, am truly disheartened and disappointed quite frankly. I will invest my brand where I’m respected.”

“We know the power of television. PLEASE SIGN”.

The background information to the petition, written by creator Ewen Cameron, explains:

I, like many LGBTQ teenagers, watch ABC’s The Real O’Neals and was quite offended by a “joke” in their latest episode in which Kenny wonders “Oh, God. Here we go. Webbed toes? Money problems? Or worse… bisexual?!”. It’s no secret that the show’s executive producer: Dan Savage is openly biphobic as well as: cissexist, sexist, anti-asexual, classist, racist, sizeist, and ableist, however, none of those appear on the show. The show already pretended we didn’t exist and fed into other negative stereotypes such as The Slutty Bisexual, when Gloria, who in the episode before was revealed as bisexual, slept with someone after getting tired of waiting for a date with Kenny’s dad. I was willing to overlook the other things, but this “joke” has crossed the line saying bisexual teens like me are worse than genetic abnormalities and financial problems! “Jokes” like this increase the ridiculous amount of biphobia we experience in our lives and I am calling on the American Broadcasting Company to step in and change this!

You can add your name to the petition here.



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