Civil partnership reform “inevitable”

Reform of civil partnerships is inevitable according to the archietect of the same-sex marriage bill. 

In an interview this weekend former MP Lynne Featherstone says of civil partnership reform:

It’s an inevitability, as it leaves an inequality that is not sustainable. It would be wonderful if the government would just do it. They’ve already had a review and a consultation, and everyone has come back saying ‘yes, let it happen’ but nothing does. This is because the government does not really want it to happen. I think that this case will be taken to the Supreme Court. I just wish people would do things themselves in a timely manner, not wait to be forced by law. It’s bloody stupid!

Though she adds a note of caution:

As I say, the Tories would still prefer to remove civil partnerships altogether. That’s the concern. During my time (in the 2010-15 government), I prevented them from doing so by promising to cause a lot of trouble if they tried.

The law currently allows mixed- and same-sex marriage but only same-sex civil partnerships, and though a series of legal challenges to that situation have produced legal opinion that change must happen, each time the government has been granted a little bit longer to explore the impact of the reforms of the past five years in Scotland, England and Wales.

The original civil partnerships bill included mixed-sex civil partnership registration, but this was removed from the text by the then Labour government when it was given time for debate in the Commons.