5,000 marriages in 9 months

The Office for National Statistics has today published the numbers of weddings conducted in 2014 – the year same-sex marriage came into law in Wales and England.

The figures show there were 4,850 marriages between same-sex couples in 2014, 44% (2,129) between male couples and 56% (2,721) between female couples.

In total 1 in 46 marriages that year were between same-sex couples – just over two per cent of all 2014’s weddings.

This despite the law not coming into effect until the end of March, so those figures reflect 12 months of mixed-sex weddings and only nine months of same-sex marriage.

“Traditional” mixed-sex marriage became more popular, not less, as same-sex marriage became an option: there were 247,372 marriages between opposite sex couples in 2014, an increase of 2.7% from 2013

There were around 5,500 civil partnerships recorded in 2013; with the arrival of same-sex marriage as an option this fell to 1,700 in 2014 and 900 in 2015.

Baroness Lynne Featherstone, who as equalities minister in the Conservative / Lib Dem coalition was responsible for introducing same-sex marriage, commented: “Almost 5,000 same-sex couples were married in 2014 thanks to the Liberal Democrats in coalition making equal marriage a reality.”

“This is a fact to be celebrated and I wish each of these couples a long and happy union.”


Yes, 4850 is not quite 5000, but grant us a little artistic licence in a headline!