Hey Bi Spender!

Over the past six months or so CaBiRet has brought several nights of bi performance to London and last week the Patreon flag unfurled and the next stage in the CaBiRet project was unleashed. “I call it ‘Operation Pay People'”, says organiser Marcus Morgan.

“So much of the time we’re told that if we want people to listen to us, we have to make sure not to ask to be paid for our work. Across the country bisexual organisations are run out of back bedrooms on shoestrings. And it’s about time that stopped.”

CaBiRet, which bills itself as an “evening of the bisexual variety” has previously run as a free event to ensure accessibility to those on lower incomes. The organising team are determined that that’s not changing: “No, not at all. Our aim is still to provide bisexual people with a free event they can attend, but at the same time to pay the performers for their hard work, rehearsal time, props, instruments, costumes, and so on. We have a collection for community causes on the night and 100% of that goes to groups like Bis Of Colour or the Bisexual Index.”

To pay the acts, Morgan has launched a Patreon campaign to fund the event. “We’re looking for backers, old-style theatre angels. With enough funding we could even put on the event more often, or live-stream it.”

CaBiRet will be having a pop-up “CaBiRet Lite Nite” at BiCon 2017 in Leeds in August, and then returns on Bi Visibility Day weekend at the end of September.