Election 2017: Ones To Watch


With a General Election about to kick off, who are the bisexual candidates and bi allies to watch?

We have two out bi MPs at present, and one undeclared MP who has had relationships with both men and women. At least one bisexual ex-MP is making a bid to return, while one key ally tries to get back as well.

Openly bi candidates restanding are Cat Smith, currently Labour MP for Lancaster & Fleetwood, and Daniel Kawczynski, the Conservative MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham. Former Southwark & Old Bermondsey MP Simon Hughes who represented the area from 1983-2015 will try to win back his seat for the Lib Dems.

Meanwhile Jo Swinson, who is heterosexual but who as equality minister in 2013 gave the first ministerial message of support for Bi Visibility Day, will be trying to get back into Parliament in her former seat of East Dunbartonshire.

The current incumbent of Swinson’s equality minister role, Justine Greening, is restanding as MP for Putney. She came out as having had relationships with both men and women last summer but has not publicly identified as bi or gay.

We’ve asked the main parties to let us know who else we should be keeping an eye out for – but with a snap election just 72 hours old and nominations not closing until May 11th they probably don’t know for sure yet themselves. Watch this space!