Macron Wins

In the French Presidential election, Emmanuel Macron has won by a thumping two votes to one margin. The centrist/Liberal leader of the newly formed En Marche party succeeds Socialist President François Hollande.

His victory in the second round of voting nationwide was by 19.8m to 10.4m votes, winning almost all the counting areas.

He is the first French president in over sixty years to be elected from a party other than the Republicans and Socialists – the equivalent of our Labour and Conservatives.

His opponent, Marine le Pen, had been standing on a hard-right platform including following the UK out of the EU and ending same-sex marriage, which has been legal in France since 2013. Macron’s more liberal agenda is most likely to mean same-sex marriage is safe for the next five years, though that may depend on the outcome of the national elections on June 11th & 18th.