Survey wants your views on Biphobic Hate Crime

A research project supported by GALOP is looking at people’s experiences of hate crimes against LGBTI people. The intention is to improve work responding to biphobic hate incidents by improving police awareness on how bi (and other LGBTI) people would like the police to respond.

The survey is here.

Nick Antjoule, the Hate Crime Manager from GALOP told us, “Everyone deserves to live free from biphobic hate crime and abuse. If you do experience it though, it’s worth considering reporting it. Very little biphobia is currently recorded by the police, which makes it invisible to authorities.

“We’re working to ensure the police record and respond appropriately to all form of anti-LGBT hate crime, including biphobia. We also have a hate crime reporting form which allows people to get biphobic hate crime officially recorded, with an option to be anonymous.”

GALOP run a hate crime service which people can use to report biphobia to get it recorded with both them and the police. Here it is.