Stonewall’s Election Agenda

LGBT equality campaign group Stonewall have published their ‘manifesto’ for the General Election, asking the political parties to sign up to a short checklist on LGBT issues.

With four weeks to go the election is looking like an easy win for the Conservatives – but as the 2010 campaign showed a lot can happen in four weeks. And regardless of who has a majority, individual MPs can take up and champion particular issues whether on the government or opposition benches: for example the campaign by John Leech to get a pardon for Alan Turing, which led to thousands of bi and gay men being able to have old convictions removed from their records that were the result of historic LGBTphobic laws.

The six suggested questions to put to candidates are:

1. Will you protect LGBT rights, and commit to improving them?
2. Will you take hate crimes against LGBT people seriously, and give them the punishments they deserve?
3. Will you take a zero tolerance approach to bullying in schools?
4. Will you make the NHS a better service for LGBT people?
5. Will you commit to kicking homophobia, biphobia and transphobia out of sport?
6. Will you stand up for LGBT people abroad?

Their manifesto document explores these issues in more depth, and is online as a pdf here.