Can Frank outdo Trump?

Netflix’s fifth season of House of Cards drops onto the streaming television service this Tuesday. The drama set in and around the White House focused on a Machiavellian politician and his equally power-hungry wife.

Readers may remember a 1990s BBC TV series of the same name – this is an American remake with Frank Underwood replacing Francis Urquhart as a more plausible name for a successful US politician but many of the same ruthless characteristics. He schemes, lies, crosses and double-crosses and happily has those who cross him killed: this is not the shiny cliche-challenging bi representation you’ve all been waiting for.

Will Frank’s past dalliances with men and women who are not his wife come back to haunt him and be his undoing at last?

Almost as pressing a question is whether the writers can keep Frank Underwood’s political machinations more far-fetched than the daily news from the Trump administration.