Watch with Pride in London

On Saturday 8th July, tens of thousands of people will join the London LGBT Pride parade. Pride in London, to use its formal name, has strict restrictions on taking part in the parade (as we understand it, they have to book the roads to be closed for a certain amount of time and an extra couple of thousand people rocking up on the day could change that maths).

So if you are already booked to march with BiPride they will have a wristband for you to collect – only people with march wristbands will be allowed on the parade.

For everyone else though the parade and stalls and stage at the end of it are a fabulous spectacle. You might not be able to parade with the masses but it’s still a great day out and a good excuse to drape yourself in a pink, purple and blue flag and find other bis.

The parade starts at 1pm – but that’s just when the start  of it begins to set off so it’s likely to still be moving til 4pm. Details on where the parade route is this time are here.