Burnley Pride Pulled

Burnley’s second LGBT Pride festival was due to happen in a month’s time but has been cancelled with four weeks to go.

It’s a simple matter of money, and lack thereof. The organisers explained in this interview with local Freeview station That’s Lancashire:

Our sympathy to people trying to make the event happen from the grassroots up there, it must be so frustrating to have to admit defeat at this point after all the preparatory work.

Despite the long economic lull since 2007/8 the number of local Prides has grown significantly – with other Prides in Lancashire in Preston and Lancaster this year. Just over the county line from Burnley, Greater Manchester has some eleven different pride festivals where a decade ago it was home to just one.

Find out more about Pride events around the UK here. And if you live in Burnley your nearest regular bi meetups are organised by BiPhoria.