And Ana Makes Five

Ana Brnabić has become Prime Minister of Serbia, becoming the fifth openly LGBT leader of a country in modern times. Sadly the double-first of being Serbia’s first female and first LGBT PM was achieved not by election but by appointment, as newly elected Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić was able to choose his own successor as Prime Minister after becoming President.

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Ireland has a new premier after Leo Varadkar was elected leader of Fine Gael – making him the first openly gay leader of the Republic of Ireland.

Brnabić, who is 41 and a graduate of Hull university, may face a tough battle in a country where surveys suggest two out of three people think homosexuality is an illness and four out of five people think that it is wrong for two people of the same gender to express their affection in public places. Having such a high profile openly lesbian person in Serbian society may help break down some of the social stigma there, or may serve as a fig-leaf to cover up problems as seen from abroad.

Ana takes the tally of ‘out’ national leaders thus far to two lesbians and three gay men. We are still waiting for the first bi premier…