Bi with Pride: Sheffield

It’s Sheffield Pride today and there are three ways of joining in with the bi bits!

From 1030am meet on Pear Street (look for Sheffield’s bi group with their pink, purple and blue flags) for the march which sets off around 12 noon.

Alternatively drop by the bi stall in the community tent and grab some bi stuff.

Finally from 330-4pm there’s a bi takeover of the community tent for a social meetup/get-together, which just might include “ask-a-bi” question and answer session. So bring helpful questions (“where does Sheffield bi group meet”, “what other bi groups are there in the north”, “how do I get  hold of a BCN subscription”, you know the kind of thing).

The weather looks good for the day bar a shower some time mid afternoon – here’s hoping that drives a bunch of people into the bi talk!  Have a great day and send us a photo.