How Laws Change (LGBT) Lives


The UK Parliament has made a series of three short videos about the effects of legislative changes on LGBT people. They’re on YouTube as part of the official, non-party-political, parliament channel.

The films are part of an ongoing education programme to help the wider community understand how parliament and legislation work, which has been spurred on by House of Commons Speaker John Bercow MP.

The three films tell stories of how LGBT people met and worked out their identities. There’s not much specifically “B” about them but they help reflect how times have changed whether you’re L, G, B or T or a couple of those things. Have a watch of them here.

How the 1967 Act changed gay lives, through the eyes of two people who have been together for 37 years and were the first couple in Shropshire to have a Civil Partnership:

Impact of the Gender Recognition Act and the significance of that law on the lives of many transgender people:

Impacts of scrapping Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 and the arrival of the Civil Partnerships Act, and the role these played in shaping two people’s lives as queer women of colour: