Join in this year’s Big Bi Tweet!

This year’s Big Bi Tweet for Bi Visibility Day, September 23rd, has just been launched. As well as tweeting you can share the message via Facebook and Tumblr.

The aim is for hundreds of people to share a short message on the morning of Bi Visibility Day to help the #BiPride and #BiVisibilityDay hashtags start to trend on the day.

By signing up a one-time message gets sent on September 23rd from your twitter account at the same time as from the accounts of all the other people who are taking part.

It’s also an easy way for people to take part whether they are in an area with lots of bi organising and events or somewhere more isolated – or even if work or personal life commitments prevent them getting involved in activities locally.

If you’re out at work or college, you might ask your university, employer or trades union to join in with the tweet too.

To join in the big tweet go to the Thunderclap page here.

To find out more about September 23rd events worldwide, go to the Bi Visibility Day website.

The website also has information about events in past years if you’re looking for inspiration to do something locally for this September.