It’s BiCon!

Annual Bi Big Weekend BiCon kicks off on Thursday!

The event comes back to Leeds this time – in general it goes to a different city each year, but for cost reasons the last few years have seen a kind of ping-pong around the M62 with Leeds, Bradford, Preston and Leeds again, and just the odd year off to pop to Nottingham and Edinburgh along the way.

It’s in Headingley this time, at Leeds Metropolitan University’s campus there, for three days of bis and allies socialising and talking about … well, some things that relate to being bi and some that don’t!  Arrivals start Thursday but the main event runs on Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday.

BiCon typically attracts 300-400 attendees: mostly bi or under the bi umbrella of identities, but partners, friends and allies are welcome too.

Weekend residential tickets sold out earlier this year but day and weekend passes are still available so you can drop by for a day or, if local, travel in and out of Headingley for each day of the event.

If you’re there drop by the roving BCN stall, and sort out or renew your subscription in person.