The Bi Week Ahead: 21-27 August

It’s a new bisexual week in our calendar of bi events – and being the last week of the month it’s a bit quieter than usual, but really kicks off at the weekend.

Tuesday night in Southampton they’re getting ready for Pride with a sign-making creative evening at at the Art House from 6pm.

On Thursday there’s the London bi meetup social at Village, 81 Wardour St, Soho, from 7.30pm.

Friday evening sees Birmingham’s beginners’ bi yoga group night at 530pm at the LGBT Centre, Holloway Circus.

Saturday sees the first day of Manchester Pride, with a bi marching group on the parade and a bi info stall in the expo area. Likewise in Cardiff where the bis have a marching group and stall at Cardiff’s pride (Mardi Gras) festival too.

It’s Southampton Pride too that day: there’ll be a stall from BiWessex running throughout the day.

Sunday there’s a second day of the bi stalls at both Cardiff Pride and Manchester Pride. Meanwhile Sheffield bis are along at CafeLatte from 12 noon for a bi gaming meetup.

And Birmingham bis are having a chat over a brew at Yorks Cafe from 1.30pm.



Never been to a bi group before?

  • For the coffee & pub type meetups – like in Nottingham or Brighton – try Hannah’s guide here.
  • Gaming meetups like those in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham are good for gamers and making casual acquaintance friends, but serious bi talk is tricky while you work out which move your character should make next.
  • For the talky space meetups – like Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh, in community centre spaces – there’s Jen’s guide here.

Know of a bi meet we’re missing? Drop us a line!