The bi week ahead: 28 August into September

There are lots of social & support groups around the UK

Welcome to our weekly roundup of what’s on for bi people around the UK. It’s the end of the month and so there’s not as much on as usual.

The week gets started on Tuesday when Manchester BiPhoria are following up their busy Pride weekend with a “never been along to bi group before” special meetup. This will be held at the LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, M1 3HF, at 7.30pm. Their web page tells you a bit about what to expect from group meetings, here.

Then on Friday it’s the regular Bi Yoga group at the LGBT Centre in Birmingham. That’s at 38/40 Holloway Circus.

Saturday is Leicester LGBT Pride which has a parade (starting just off Humberstone Rd) and stalls area. There’s no details on a bi meetup or similar – yet! Watch this space or let us know.

And finally in Hemel Hempstead it’s the first of their new bi coffee meetups this Sunday. Join them at TiKis from 1pm (more on facebook here)


Never been to a bi group before?

  • For the coffee & pub type meetups – like in Sheffield, Brighton, Manchester and London – try Hannah’s guide here.
  • Gaming meetups like those in Leeds and Manchester are good for gamers and making casual acquaintance friends, but serious bi talk is tricky while you work out which move your character should make next.
  • For the talky space meetups – like in Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh, in community centre spaces – there’s Jen’s guide here.

Know of a bi meet we’re missing? Drop us a line!