First bi in a Marvel film?

The relentless run of Marvel comics stories being turned into films continues, and Valkyrie in the imminent Thor: Ragnarok film is bisexual – though there’s a small spoiler from the film itself that her sexuality is not made clear on screen.

Either way, so far we only have the actress’ word for it thanks to a tweet: replying to a tweet that Valykrie was a “big ole lesbian” in the comics, Tessa Thompson answered starting with the short correction, “she’s bi.”


The film comes out on October 27th.

Edit to add:

The film is out and, sure enough, even when people with strong bi-fi watch it there is nothing in the film to signal to the unaware viewer that Valkyrie is bi.


Picture: Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) in © Marvel Studios’ Thor:Ragnarok