Hollywood’s Boldest Bi Representation?

Is Twilight Sparkle the most visibly bisexual character in film in 2017?

Twilight’s the leader of the Mane 6, the My Little Pony Movie‘s counterpart to Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang.

She’s a cartoon character loved (mainly) by small children, and not an out bisexual. So yes this is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek question for us to ask, but worth in the light of so many of us thinking “oh no, not again” about the way Thor: Ragnarok‘s depiction of Valkyrie as bisexual consisted of a remark by an actress about something that is never signalled in the film and to which the smallest allusion got left on the cutting-room floor. Like JK Rowling’s aside that Dumbledore had been gay all along, for all that it’s heartening to hear that a character is supposed to be queer, you can’t help feeling “that’s great but you might have mentioned it at the time”.

Atomic Blonde gave us a little bit of sexual chemistry, but as with James Bond’s outing as behaviourally bisexual in Skyfall back in 2012, you were left with the question about the motives of a spy’s sexual behaviour when on a mission: are they monosexual deep down but doing what it takes to get the job done?

Twilight might not have passionate pegacorn-on-pegacorn scenes – but they really aren’t the thing for its target audience of small children. But she’s a purple pegacorn (a unicorn with wings) who wears her pink, purple and blue bisexual flag wherever she goes, and is front and centre both in the Mane 6 ‘lineup’ publicity for the film and in the associated music video.

As characters who never use the “B” word about themselves go, at least Twilight is hiding in plain sight.


Twilight Sparkle image courtesy of Lionsgate and Hasbro.