Twitter photo-blocks #bisexual

Twitter has blocked the word bisexual as a term on its photo-search facility.

The peculiar move doesn’t affect related or similar terms such as pansexual or transsexual – so it’s not the “sex” causing the problem.

Bi Community News editor Jen Yockney MBE commented, “This is a peculiar retrograde step, just when we thought we’d got over this kind of thing on the biggest websites with the Apple and Google bisexual bans lifted!”

“Twitter has some safe-search options and the block applies even with the safe search limiter turned off, so this isn’t about protecting people from things they might not find appropriate. Besides if they were concerned about that they’d be a lot more active about tackling stalking, incitement to hatred and abuse on their service.”

Update: things are getting worse, not better, as the ban on #bisexual rolls out to other related terms and to news and video searches as well as photos.