And Australia Makes 25

Like their neighbours in New Zealand before them, when Australian MPs voted same-sex marriage into law today the chamber broke into song in celebration.

The debates in recent days had seen tears and a mid-speech marriage proposal.

It is only a few short weeks since the referendum result was declared on November 15th, with a clear margin of victory.

Within hours of the result being announced legislation had been tabled and has rapidly made its way through both houses of parliament after years of the subject being deadlocked there. It appears the 75% who sent in their postal ballots on the subject finally gave their representatives the courage to act.

Australia is to be the 25th country to legally recognise same-sex marriage.

Here in the UK when same-sex marriage was legalised in Wales and England the celebrations were on the street outside – and we were cheated of a final vote when the opponents of the measure admitted they had lost the argument so comprehensively that they would rather not put the issue to a division.