A Rose, Too

FenceSitter Films have re-issued their  bi-themed web soap “A Rose by Any Other Name”, written and directed by out bisexual Kyle Schickner, for rental download – and the second series starts soon.

“A Rose by Any Other Name” follows the path worn by Chasing Amy which a comfortably out and proud lesbian, Rose (Stephanie Reibel), and a nice progressive straight man, Anthony (played by Shickner) meet and then unexpectedly fall in love with each other.  Complications abound and confusion, angst and sometimes thoughtfulness ensue as our protagonists weave their way towards one another, with or despite the help of their friends.
The main frustration comes in the webisode format.  Elsewhere this BCN we look at bisexuality in Glee and in True Blood; the kind of character and plot development that a 45 minute show allows is much harder to deliver in eight for nine minute stories.

For series two Cathy DeBuono (M’Pella in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) joins the cast giving a further boost to the show’s profile.

The new season begins online as this BCN goes to press, and promises to offer lots of surprises, intrigues, new cast members as well as new unexpected turns and twists.

A new episode will appear every two weeks – but whereas season one was free to view on YouTube, season two will be only available on pay-to-view site filmbinder.


Series 1 is no longer free online but is available to rent online from http://roseseason1.filmbinder.com/