LGBTI Rights are Children’s Rights: EU

A sneak preview launch in the European Parliament in Brussels tomorrow afternoon will unveil a report jointly produced by the Parliament’s working group on children’s rights and its LGBTI group.

The report, “LGBTQI Inclusive Education”, is subtitled “Education responses to SOGIESC-based violence”. SOGIESC is a pretty new term, and means “sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics”. So we can look forward to an agenda around biphobia and homophobia, plus transphobia, and oppressions affecting intersex and genderqueer / enbee people.

It looks at what schools in different countries across Europe are doing (or failing to do) to support young people who are likely to face such attitudes.

Speakers will represent youth organisation IGLYO, international LGBT rights body ILGA, Unesco and the Council of Europe as well as MEPs from the Christian Democrat, Social Democrat and Liberal Democrat groups EPP, ESD and ALDE.

This is just the first edition preview of the European Index and Report. We look forward to its publication for the masses soon after.