LGBT History Month 2018

Happy LGBT History Month!

2018 has lots of big dates for us to remember: 40 years since the creation of the Rainbow Flag, from which over time many bis came to feel excluded and so it’s also 20 years since the creation of the bisexual flag, and for us in the UK it is 30 years since Section 28 made its way into law.

Since 2005 each year we’ve had LGBT History Month in the UK as a focus each February for remembering our queer past. It’s a cold and wet point in the year to do that sort of thing, but on the other hand it avoids clashing with almost all the Pride festivals.

This year’s theme for LGBT History Month is geography. This is perhaps harder for bi inclusion than other years’ themes as we have tended to lack a sense of physical geography: our bi spaces have been meetings in pubs and community centres, conferences that occupy a space for a day or a weekend, performances that take centre stage for a night or three and are then replaced by the next show in town. Just as we have lacked a dress code and public image we have lacked a sustained physical space. Arguably this is part of why we have been more easily marginalised and forgotten.

There are events all around the country over the course of this month to celebrate and remember LGBT history, some of them very bi-inclusive, some of them perhaps not quite so obviously including us. Take a look and see what is going on in your area on the national website. And check out bisexual history on the Bisexual History twitter and facebook.