Torchwood: Still Bi?

The fourth season of BBC TV series Torchwood begins as this BCN goes to press.  We can look forward to two and a half months of Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper (John Barrowman & Eve Myles) continuing their alien chasing antics, though now in the USA rather than Wales, which may make the Mulder & Scully comparisons even more obvious.

The first three seasons were some of the most bi television we’ve seen – almost all the Torchwood team winding up in bed with men, women and the odd alien.  Jack Harkness was famously the omnisexual 51st Century guy, from a culture way past the 20th century and its ‘quaint little categories’ of gay and straight.

How bi the fourth run of the programme will be is in a little doubt though.  Of the original cast, only Jack and Gwen made it out of season three alive – and Gwen’s only girl-on-girl encounter was on shaky ground.  While programme supremo Russell T Davies still talks about Jack as a bisexual character, in interview for Inner Space about the new season, John Barrowman says that Jack is ‘a bisexual hero, or an omnisexual hero …though actually he’s really gay in this series, which is not a bad thing as there are a lot of gay people out there’.  Will moving to the States be the end of Torchwood’s bi flag-flying?

Tune in and find out.  Or see the next BCN!