Nine and not even a half weeks

With just nine weeks to go to BiCon the programme is starting to take shape and we have so much news we’re going to try to cover a lot in the space we have here.  (Only nine weeks to BiCon? Eek! takes a deep breath)

Right, we are not panicking, but now does seem a great time to tell you all what we have and ask for your bookings, money, contributions and money, cos without you lot BiCon can’t happen.

What we have so far
We now have a beautiful outline programme available at and we have a list of sessions we already have confirmed at

Sessions at BiCon are run by attenders ourselves, they can be anything from a workshop style discussion session through to an activity or making things session. This year session slots are an hour and a quarter long and can be in a room or based outside.  We’re looking for facilitators for Fri, and Sunday morning sessions. Thursday sessions are already arranged.

There is a list of sessions wanted online which will be kept updated, but some examples are:
•    More doing sessions such as 5-aside football, croquet (we have a lawn!) or other stuff that can happen in our great outdoors space or in our big hall
Diversity and identity sessions
Fun & getting to know you sessions
Talking about sex (always a popular one) especially non-BDSM sex
And (almost) anything else that you have a burning desire to run which isn’t already covered.

We’re also looking for people to be buddies and co-facilitators to session leaders. This is something you can do even if you have no ideas for sessions or don’t want to run a whole one yourself.  A buddy is someone to be a support person to the session leader, helping them set up, being ready to go and get them stuff like water or pens from the desk if  they need it during a  session and help them clear up afterwards. A co-facilitator does all the buddy stuff plus actually jointly managing the session and participants with the Session leader.

Dates and Deadlines
We will be taking day registrations up to and including BiCon itself, but if you want to stay on site we need to finalise our numbers for rooms and get them paid for, so the deadline for booking accommodation is 8th August.

The same deadline applies if you want to offer a session. We may be able to slot topics in afterwards, but if you want your session description in the handbook we need it by 8th August.

And finally: after 19th August please don’t send any more registrations, especially by post. You can turn up at BiCon and book on the day, but if you send us a form with a cheque just before we leave for the venue, we won’t get it and will need to make you pay again on the door.

BiCon 2011 runs from 1-4 September at Oadby Hall, Leicester.  All the details are at or email [email protected]


Our Bi History

2011 is the 30th anniversary of the group that founded BiCon.  As well as our party (with cake), we plan to put on a temporary exhibition about the history of the bi community in the UK. We’re looking for stuff to borrow and exhibit, including posters, flyers, programmes, T-shirts, badges, magazines and clippings, cartoons etc.

Memorabilia about BiCon (or other UK Bi groups or events) would be perfect but we would also like things that relate to other aspects of the history of the bi community in the UK.

If you have anything which you could consider lending to us or you have any questions about the exhibition or the Birthday Party, please email Kaye at [email protected]