Coming Out, Staying Out

Manchester-based bisexual group BiPhoria have launched a new pocket-sized guide to coming out and staying out.

The booklet, Getting Bi in a Gay / Straight World, talks about coming out and staying out, and how we keep a sense of bi identity. There are local and national listings of key resources like helplines, campaign group Bisexual Index, BiMedia, and – we’re pleased to say – BCN magazine.  Not surprisingly, BiPhoria itself gets quite a big mention.

It’s 28 pages long, glossy and colourful – and begging you to pick it up, read it and take it home.

Produced with help from the Community Foundation for Greater Manchester, more than ten thousand copies have been printed to be given away free across the county, and it’s already appearing in over two hundred leaflet display racks in bars, theatres and suchlike.

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