Denmark wants monogamous blood

Denmark is set to be the next country to drop its ban on bisexual and gay men donating blood – but with a proviso.

Many countries barred bi and gay men from donating blood in the 1980s, in response to HIV. With a lack of reliable tests let alone medications or vaccine it was a short-term fix in the interests of wider health that wound up staying in place for over 20 years. Wales, Scotland and England have slowly unpicked the ban here in stages since 2011.

Ellen Trane Nørbyss

Ellen Trane Nørby, Denmark’s health minister, has announced the ban there will be repealed in 2019.

The Danish model will be to allow men in monogamous same-sex relationships to donate immediately, but for single bi and gay men they will be allowed to donate only after four months abstinence.

While the health department’s press statement does not clarify on this point it appears that is only from having sex with other men.