Children’s Society Report says 1 in 2 LGB youth self-harm

A new report from the Children’s Society has attracted headlines today for finding that one in five 14 year old girls in the UK say they have self-harmed.  The overall figures were of 22% for girls and 9% for boys.

However dig just a tiny bit deeper into The Good Childhood Report 2018 and the same document also notes 46% of young people who are bisexual or gay have self-harmed – nearly one in two.

Pressure to fit in is making children unhappy – from how they look, to their sexuality, to how boys and girls must behave. Twice as many girls are self-harming as boys, and almost half of children attracted to the same or both genders self-harm.

Interestingly, many of the young people did not – or did not yet – find they were attracted to either gender they were asked about:

more children (12%) indicated they were attracted to neither boys nor girls than indicated they were attracted to the same, or both (just over 5%).

Bisexual teens came out as the sexuality group with the lowest subjective sense of well-being:

Attraction(s) % of sample Average score
Neither 12% 8.21
Opposite 83% 7.53
Same under 1% 5.45
Both 5% 5.42