US Democrats pick bi candidate for critical swing state

America might just be on course to elect its first out-bi candidate to the Senate, as the Democrats selected Kyrsten Sinema as their nominee in Arizona last night.

The US Senate elections this November look very tight, with just a few states that might change hands from the Republicans to the Democrats and potentially switch control of the smaller house of US government.

Kyrsten took 82% of the vote in a two-cornered contest for the Democratic nomination, while Republican supporters chose another woman candidate, Martha McSally, to contest the state where the sitting Republican senator is stepping down.  Martha took 51% of the vote in a field of three.

Arizona is one of the two most likely red states to swing to the Democrats, and early polling this summer suggested that Sinema could be on course to take it with a big swing.  However that polling also puts McSally as the strongest candidate for the Republicans to block Sinema’s bid for office.

We’re always up late on election night at BCN Towers and will be watching the news from Arizona with extra interest this time around.