With over 450 people registered, this year’s BiCon was the biggest ever, and next issue we expect to have more reports from it.  The group photo is on the back page – with a slight ‘halo’ effect on some participants due to taking the group photo at 6pm in a hallway that ran due East-West!

The International BiReCon held before BiCon began was the first international academic and research conference on bisexuality, and sessions were packed.  We will be giving you a lot more feedback on that too in the next edition of BCN.

Next year’s BiCon will be in Leicester, on the site of the 2008 event.  The website is up already – see the listings pages!

In the meanwhile, Brum Bi Group are planning to hold a second Birmingham BiFest, on November 20th – second floor of the Nightingale club, running around 10.30am till 7pm.  Do check the website to get more info about it closer to the time, or follow the online news from

Manchester will soon get in on the bi event act again too.  Date is “to be confirmed” as we go to press, but some time before the end of January they have plans to celebrate sixteen years of local group BiPhoria.  Again, see the next BCN or their website to find out more.