Liverpool Pride 2010

    Up until 2010, Liverpool was the largest British city to not hold an “official” Pride festival.   That was remedied this August in an event with all the flamboyance, extravagance, community support and intricate costumes that could be expected even in a well-established Pride.

Some members of Manchester’s bisexual group again wanted to make the pink purple and blue presence felt.  Merseyside lacks a bi group of its own, and thus we do get people who live there coming along to Manchester’s BiPhoria.  So some of us felt a little jaunt down the motorway was in order to show our support — not just to fight the good bisexual fight but also to show support for the city striving to recover a positive LGBT impression after such tragic events as the high-profile homophobic murder of a teenager in Liverpool’s gay quarter in 2008 and a widespread belief that justice was not really served in that case.

While no one can have been quite sure what to expect, or blamed for a bit of trepidation, beforehand, the parade could’ve gone a long way to dispelling fears, being the sort of pleasantly chaotic, colourful, cheerful and energetic (at least at first! it was a long parade!) affair we recognize from Manchester.  The crowds, comprised of everyone from the curious but wary to the enthusiastic, feather-boa’d, rainbow-clad types, were friendly.  A few asked us to stop so they could take better pictures of our bisexual banner and otherwise showed an interest that was particularly welcome as it got near the end of what had been a longer parade than we’d anticipated!

It was an all-round positive experience, one I look forward to joining in again next year, and it featured one of the greatest of all endorsements you can get in Merseyside: both Liverpool and Everton fans were cheering for us!