Clexacon makes space for the B

Clexacon is a media and entertainment event for LGBTQ women and allies with panels, meet and greets, parties, autographs, photographs and workshops.

Yep, a queer women’s Comic-Con.

Previously a USA thing it’s coming to London this November, with celebrity guests from TV and film from the U.S. and Europe – including actors from Sense8, Wynnona Earp, Sugar Rush, Supergirl and more and writers and producers from shows like Emmerdale and Wolfblood.

Of particular interest to BCN readers is the panel Bisexual Representation In The Media. Speakers will be Mariya Shcherbinina, Marie-Diane Grouchka, Heidi Lynch, Nicole Pacent and chair Phoebe Kemp. The writeup for the session reads:

Despite making up a large portion of the LGBTQ community, individuals who identify as bisexual are rarely seen in media. When they are, they are often portrayed as mentally unstable, flighty, and unfaithful. These stereotypes are harmful to our community and the way in which we are treated by others in real life. Join us as we discuss the importance of improving bisexual representation and inclusion in television and film and celebrate the positive, well-rounded characters that we are starting to see.

Read more about the sessions here and check out tickets here (they start at what might seem to BiCon-goers an eye-watering £120 per person, with optional accommodation at the official hotel which is a similar per-night price on top).