Bis in the Media: October 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs the Bisexual Ex-Girlfriend
If haven’t yet seen Edgar Wright’s latest, Scott Pilgrim: you should.  It’s jam-packed with gamer in-jokes and fight scenes to keep the geeks and action-lovers relatively happy, and it’s lots of fun even if you don’t fit into either of those categories.  For those who count such things, it even passes the Bechdel Test (just about).

The Vegan Police and their Superpowers had my friends (some of them vegetarians and vegans themselves) and I in splits of giggles, but my favourite scene would have to be the second appearance of Roxy Richter, played by Mae Whitman, and the ensuing conversation with Ramona Flowers, leading poor clueless Pilgrim to finally understand why Flowers kept correcting him whenever he uttered the words “ex-boyfriends”.  I can only hope that I amused, rather than annoyed, other cinema-goers by turning round to my partner at the appropriate moment to cry “well, honey, I’m a little bi-FURIOUS!” – a line not in the original comic but, perhaps, borrowed from the bi activism community?

Admittedly, Flowers’ attempt at denial is could be hailed as a bad thing, but it’s good to see a little less heteronormativity at any rate, and it’s definitely the most amusing film I’ve seen for a while. Worth looking up the Roxy scene on YouTube at the very least.

Reverend Gaga
Pink News reported at the beginning of September that bisexual pop star Lady Gaga is training to become a minister so that she can perform same-sex marriages.  This comes two months after she called out members of Westboro’ Baptist Church as “hate criminals” after they held a protest outside one of her gigs.  She was motivated to undertake the training by the ongoing debate in California about Proposition 8, and has already taken an online course in preparation to complete the paperwork that will result in her being ordained.

Who needs bisexual rights anyway?
The Queerty blog has uncovered that Google’s latest feature, instant search, does not provide any results for the words “lesbian” or “bisexual”, in a bid to avoid showing porn to unwitting info hunters.  The feature works by looking for results as you type; “gay” brings up results for Gaydar and similar, and surprisingly, “fag” brings up fag jokes, but search for either the word lesbian or bisexual alone, and you are left with a blank page and a suggestion to press your return key for results.  Google do not appear to be homo- or biphobic: you can still access the results, and Instant works if you add that you’re looking for lesbian rights, or films and art involving lesbians – but rather inconsistently, the same is not true when searching for bisexual: anything to do with the word is censored until you hit Enter.  This is bisexual invisibility at its finest.

Bisexual celebrity reported as… bisexual?!
To make a nice change from the norm, a bisexual star has come out and is not being referred to as homosexual; Ryan Buell, star of Paranormal State, outed himself in his new book, saying that he wanted LGBT people of faith to know that they’re not alone and to let people know it’s okay to be religious and queer.

Katie S